You know, I always go to these pages, not knowing what to expect. Sometimes, I’m delighted at what I see, and sometimes not so much.

I suppose that starting with a little background info is in order, if for no other reason than to encourage you to trust me when I say “go a little further, you’ll love it, I swear.” I spent fourteen years working for one of the best coffee companies ever. I made a transition about four years ago, and now I spend my days working in a cube doing good work with some truly astounding people. I trust that you will forgive me when I say I really can’t talk about it. As it doesn’t apply to anything on this blog, I suppose it doesn’t really matter anyway.

Somewhere in there, I went to pastry school at a delightful little institution in San Francisco. Best decision ever. While I agree with this lady (who is astounding, and if you aren’t checking out her blog, you *should* be), that a culinary education for those that want to make a career in food is probably a waste of time, I’ll add a caveat that it’s true if you are 18, can start at 5AM and end at 2AM every single day, have a system that thrives on general debauchery, and enjoy a life constantly in the line of fire.

I, however, am 40, and recognize that if I am statistically lucky, am half-way through this round of carnal delights. I don’t have the luxury of the time so freely given to the young, and I needed a leg-up. To catch up. To develop and refine a wide-ranging culinary knowledge base. I’m also pretty clear that I don’t want to work in restaurants, or be a full-time caterer. I don’t need to be the next Nigella (although, that wouldn’t be sooooo bad), or even the next Julia (good lord, who could replace *that* woman?!?). I’ll content myself by understanding that I don’t know what I don’t know (but I sure would like to).

And to whom else do I look up to? At 5′ 10″, not too many, but there are a few that make me go a little weak at the knees, food-wise, that is. The other list is…private. And much shorter. The public list goes a little something like this (in no particular order):

Michael Ruhlman, the aforementioned Shuna Lydon, Deb Perelman, Dorie Greenspan, James Peterson, Bernard Clayton, Pierre Herme, Kim Boyce, Elisabeth Prueitt & Chad Robertson, Michelle Rizzolo/Philip Wojtowicz/Mike Gilson, David Lebovitz, Nigel Slater, the lovely folks at The Canal House, Jane Grigson, Elizabeth David, Betty Fussell, David Tanis, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Alice Medrich, Molly Wizenberg, The Brooklyn Kitchen, Michael Recchiuti, Gabrielle Hamilton, and a bajillion of the amazing cooks/chefs/dilettantes that make up my incredible urban raft.

What will you find here? I don’t quite know yet. I’m hoping that it is some solid basic culinary information. Maybe some good writing. Maybe some interesting dialogue. Who knows.  I’m willing to give it a shot.

BTW: All images and text on this blog are mine mine mine. If you would like to use an image or quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch for permission.


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